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Tiếng anh 7- unit 13 festivals

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Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences. 1. It is_________that she works 16 hours a day. A. say B. says C. sayed D. said 2. Hillary and Norgay were the first one _________Everest. A. climb B. climbs C. to climb D. climbing 3. James likes climbing mountain. He has just joined a _________club. A. climb-mountain B. climbing-mountain C. mountain-climbing D. mountain-climb 4. Have you ever tried Japanese food? A. use something to find out if you like it B. make a preparation for C. eating a small amount of food D. recognize flavors in food 5. Mary told Helen that she was tired of eating fish _________summer. A. this B. that C. the D. Ø 6. It is a custom to give presents at Christmas. A. tradition B. habit C. hobby D. rule 7. It’s cold outside! Don’t go out_________your coat. A. with B. without C. in D. wearing 8. Bob had someone _________his house. A. paint B. paints C. painted D. painting 9. John said he couldn’t repair the car the _________day. A. before B. following C. this D. that 10. _________is a person whose job is to put in and repair pipes and baths. A. Plumber B. Gardener C. Florist D. Inventor 11. These computers are made_________Australia. A. in B. from C. of D. by 12. The _________festival is a festival in which people have their bulls fight against each other. A. whale watching B. bull-fighting C. mountain-climbing D. ice-skating 13. The teacher told us _________ talk. A. not to B. not C. don’t D. didn’t 14. The -ing form of ‘sit’ was spelled _________a double t. A. with B. by C. without D. of 15. We used to go and fetch milk _________the farm. A. from B. at C. to D. in 16. Jane had the waiter _________her some tea. A. bring B. brings C. to bring D. brought 17. The fish has gone. A. has left B. has happened C. has moved D. has disappeared 18. James told me why he went home early two days _________. A. before B. ago C. following D. previous 19. The journey from the airport to the university_________ about an hour and a half. A. spends B. takes C. want D. passes 20. Vietnam is a country that exports a lot of rice. A. sells and transports goods to another country B. buys goods from another country into one’s own country C. plants something in the ground and looks after it D. produces something Change into the passive voice. 1. We haven’t moved anything since they sent you away to cure you. @_________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. We are to pity rather than despise these homeless boys. @_________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. I can assure you I will arrange everything in time. @_________________________________________________________________________________________
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