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Giáo án Tự chọn Tiếng Anh 8

Người gửi: ununu
1899 lượt xem | 80 lượt tải | Ngày đăng: 08/11/2012
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Period 1 REVISION ON ENOUGH AND ADJECTIVE ORDER I. Objectives: After finishing the lesson, students should be able to: - use enough and adjective order. - develop writing skill. II. Language content: A. Vocabulary: (textbook- English 8) B. Structures: 1. Enough to: S + be (not) + adj+ enough (+ for + O) + to Inf . 2. Adjective order in a noun phrase: III. Teaching aids and method: - Teaching aids: textbook, workbook, exercisebooks - Method: Communicative approach. IV. Teaching procedures: 1. Class organization: (1min) - Greeting - Checking attendance: 8A1: .8A2: . 8A3: .8A4: . 2. Checking up previous knowledge: (5 mins) Ask Ss to repeat the form and use of the simple tenses 3. New lesson : (35 mins) Teacher’s and students’ activities Contents I. Lead-in (5 mins) - T : Show the pictures and ask questions - Sts : Practise in pairs (using pictures in textbook ) II/ Presentation : (10 mins) - T introduces the structures and explains how to use them. - T asks Ss to look at the extra board. - T gives some examples. - Ss listen and repeat. - Ss copy the notes. II/ Practice (10 mins) -T gives the task and asks Ss to do it. - Ss do the exercises (oral - written). - Ss practice in groups. - T gives feedback and keys. - Some Ss read aloud their answers. - T gives remark and feedback. - Ss copy the key. IV/ Free practice (10 mins) -T gives the task and asks Ss to do it. - Ss do the exercises (oral - written). -Ss practice in groups. - Some Ss read aloud their answers. - Ss copy. * Questions: 1. What are these children doing ? 2. Where are they ? 3. Do they play soccer ? I. Activities 1 : 1. Enough to: S+be (not) + adj+ enough (+ for + O) +to Inf . A. Đồng chủ ngữ: Nam is not old. He is in my class. Nam is not old enough to be in my class. B. Khác chủ ngữ: This book is very interesting. You should read it. This book is interesting enough to for you to read. 2. Adjective order in a noun phrase: a/ an size shape age color national material Noun A big round old black Chinese wooden chair B. Activity 2: Choose and underline the best answers: *Answers: 1. strong enough 2. old enough 3. neither 4. tall and thin 5. bought 6. long curly blond 7. pretty new red 8. too much B. Activity 3: Choose and underline the best answers: *Answers: 1. hard - working 2. sociable 3. jokes 4. inside 5. orphanage 6. more 7. strong exciting C. Activity 3: Writing: (using: + adj + enough + (for + O) + to Inf) 1. Lan is young enough to do that work. 2. Mai is tallenoughto touch the top of the shelves. 3. The film was good enoughfor me to see through. 4. You are young enough to have a front-door key. 5. The ladder wasn't long enoughto reach the window. 6. Tom was foolish enough to lie to the police. 7. The ice is thick enough for us to walk on. 8. The shoes aren’t big enough for them to wear
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