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Giáo án tiếng anh 10 unit 14

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Week: 29 Period: 83 Unit 14: THE WORLD CUP D: LANGUAGE FOCUS I. Aim: - Help Ss practise two sounds /g/ and /k/ - Review some grammar points: + Will vs going to + Will making predictions + Will making offers II. Teaching aids: - Pictures and posters. III. Procedure: [TABLE] Teacher’s activities Students’ activities <h style="3">* Warm-up</h>- Stick a picture on the board. - Ask Ss to look at the picture and answer some Q 1/ Who is he? 2/ What is it? 3/ Who has just kicked the ball into the goal? - Emphasize two words “kicked” & “goal” to lead to the lesson. * PRONUNCIATION: -/g/ /k/: Ex: go, begin, bag, keep, jacket, book, . Practice: - Put a poster on the board. - Read the words in the poster: * Listen and repeat (p. 150) * Practise these sentences ( p. 150) GRAMMAR: * Presentation: - Explain how to use “will” and “going to”. - Ask Ss to say again the differences between WILL and Going to - Give examples: Ex: A: Why are you turning on the TV? B: I am going to watch the news. Ex: A: I’ve just realized I have not any money. B: Well, don’t worry. I’ll lend you some. Ex: Mary’s been studying very hard for her exams. I am sure she’ll pass her exam easily. Ex: “It’s so hot in this room!” I’ll open the window. * Homework: Ask Ss to make 4 sentences : using “going to”, “will- making decision”, “will- making predictions”, and” will- making offers” - Look at the picture and listen carefully. - Answer the questions: 1.Huynh Đức 2. the ball/ the goal 3. Huynh Đức - Listen and take notes - Look at the poster - Listen and repeat - Some Ss read these words and sentences - Ex1 “going to” dùng để diễn đạt một kế hoạch được sắp xếp. - Ex2 “will”dùng để diễn tả một quyết định ngay lúc nói. - Ex3: “will” diễn tả một dự đoán - Ex4: “will” diễn tả lời đề nghị - Do homework - Prepare the lesson 1
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