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English 8- unit 15 computers

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Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below. 1. Dr. Miker________lunch yet, so he is really hungry. A. doesn’t have B. didn’t have C. hasn’t had D. isn’t having 2. I can’t get this screw to________the wall. A. go off B. come out of C. come from D. come off 3. ________begin with a few facts. A. Let is B. Let has C. Let us D. Let was 4. You can’t watch the television because it’s broken. A. in pieces B. not working C. unplugged D. unnecessary 5. ________a song called ‘Close to the edge’? A. Have you ever heard B. Do you ever heard C. Did you ever heard D. Are you ever hearing 6. I checked the phone card and made sure it was correctly________. A. plug in B. plugged in C. plugged on D. plug 7. I agreed________my mother about most things. A. to B. with C. together D. Ø 8. ________a pet when you were young? A. Do you have B. Did you have C. Have you had D. Was you having 9. Freshmen in many universities are required to have access to a computer. A. First-year students B. Final-year students C. The cleverest students D. Newcomers 10. The policy has caused thousands of families________suffering. A. necessary B. unnecessary C. necessarily D. unnecessarily 11. Tom has________had lunch, so he isn’t very hungry. A. already B. yet C. still D. since 12. Marie________at the age of 86, in 1964. A. dies B. has died C. died D. was died 13. The little girl’s tooth came________when she bit into the apple. A. out B. off C. of D. on 14. He has no idea how to manage people. A. doesn’t know at all B. doesn’t care about C. doesn’t think about D. doesn’t take care of 15. Ann no longer works here. A. no more works B. doesn’t still work C. doesn’t work any more D. still works 16. Peop1e were warned to stay________the streets. A. out B. of C. off D. on 17. Our baby ________to talk yet. A. doesn’t start B. didn’t start C. hasn’t started D. isn’t starting 18. ________is the part of a country with hills and mountains. A. Highland B. Reef C. Valley D. Bay 19. Please ________the TV before you go to bed. A. plug B. unplug C. turn out D. come out of 20. He took the early flight________ London. A. for B. towards C. to D. come
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