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De kiem tra tiếng anh - hoc ki i -lop 5

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I. Circle the odd one out: (2marks) 1. A. American B Vietnamese C April D. Australian 2. A. day B.festival C. month D. week 3. A. sing B. dance C. song D. tell 4. A . they B.what C. when D . why II. Choose A, B, C, or D to complete the following sentences : (3marks) 1. They are football in the school yard. A. play B. playing C. plays D. played 2. Teacher’s Day is on . A. 20[SUP]th [/SUP]September B. 20[SUP]th [/SUP]November C. 20[SUP]th [/SUP]December D. 20[SUP]th [/SUP]October 3. are you happy?- Because today is my birthday. A. When B. Who C. What D. Why 4. LiLi is from Singapore. She is . A. English B. Sigaporean C. American D. Vietnamese 5. What does your uncle ?- He is an artist. A. does B. do C. doing D. be 6. Did they play some exciting games? – No, they . A. don’t B. weren’t C. didn’t D. aren’t III. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following passage.(1marks) During the (1)____________we often play (2)___________ the school yard. The boys often (3)____________ football and chess but the girls usually play skipping rope and hide-and-seek. My favourite (4)____________is chess so I often play chess with Nam in our classroom. Some of my friends sometimes complete the puzzle. 1. A. freetime B. classtime C. time D. breaktime 2. A at B. in C. on D. from 3. A played B. playing C. play D. plays 4. A game B. sport C. subject D. food IV/ Reorder the words to make sentences. (2marks) 1. you / drawing / picture / a / are / 2. swimming / wants / go / she / to /. . . 3. you / were / home / at / yesterday? 4. do / did/ What/ you / last week ? . VI. Read the passage and then do the tasks that follow: (1 marks) Hi. My name is John. I am a student at Oxford Primary School. My school had a sports festival last weekend. All the teachers and students were there. The students played many different sports and games such as football, badminton, swimming, chess, skipping rope, and hide-and-seek. I played badminton very well. I was very happy because I was the best player. 1. What’s his name? A. His name is John. B. My name is John. C. His name was John. D. Its name is John. 2. Where does he study? A. He studies in Oxford Primary School. B. He studies at Oxford Primary School. C. He studies on Oxford Primary School. D. He studies from Oxford Primary School. 3. What did his school have last weekend? A. It has a sports festival last weekend B. It is having a sports festival last weekend. C. It have a sports festival last weekend. D. It had a sports festival last weekend. 4. Did the students play many different sports and games? A. Yes, they do. B. Yes, they are. C. Yes, they did.
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