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đề kiểm tra anh 7- 1 tiết có ma trận

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II.1. Choose the corect answer (2points): 1. Hoa’s father is a . He works on the farm. a. farmer b. doctor c. teacher d. nurse 2. Her new school is . than her old school. a. big b. the biggist c. bigger d. small 3. How . teacher are there in your school? a. many b. much c. lots of d. a lot of 4. We . in frond of the movie theater. a. will meet b. shall meet c. shall meets d. will meets 5. . Shall we meet? - At my house. a. What b. when c. where d. which 6. My house is in my village. a. tall b. taller c. tallest d. the tallest 7. a lovely living room! a. How b. What c. When d. Where 8. Where . your father work? – He works in a factory. a, do b will do c. does d. is 9. . there a lamp? a. Is b.Are c. Do d. Does 10. How many kilometers . from London? a. is there b. are there c. is it d. are they II. 2. Give the correct form of the verbs (1.0 point): 1. Nam and Hoa (be) . my best friends. 2. Ba always (go) . to school by bus. 3. Lan is 12. She (be) . 13 on Sunday,May 25[SUP]th[/SUP]. She (have) . a party for her birthday. 4. She (live) at 24 Tran Hung Dao street. III.1. True or false?. Read the passage carefully then check (P) the boxes (1.0 point): There’s a new student in class 7A. Her name is Hoa. She is from Hue. She doesn’t live with her parents. They still live in Hue. She is staying with her uncle and aunt at 77 Chu Van An Street. Her house is not very far from school about one kilometer, so she walks to school. Ha Noi is new to her. It is bigger and noisier than Hue. Hue doesn’t have many tall buildings like Ha Noi. Her new school is also bigger than her old school in Hue. It has a lot of students. Hoa doesn’t have any friends in Ha Noi because she’s a newcomer. She has a lot of friends in Hue. She’s not very happy here because she misses her parents and friends in Hue. T F a. There’s a new student in class 7A b. Hue has a lot of tall buildings like Ha Noi. III.2. Answer the questions(1.5points): a. Does Hoa live with her parents? . b. How is Ha Noi different from Hue? . c. Why is Hoa unhappy? . IV.1. Make questions according to the underlined part in each sentence using: where, how, who(1.5points) a. Lan is a new student from Hue . ? b. Her house is not very far from school ? c. She lives with her uncle and aunt . ? IV.2. Write 2 sentences: one with the comparative and another with the superlative(1point):
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