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Tiếng anh 7- đề kiểm tra 1 tiết có ma trận

Người gửi: nguyenduyy
499 lượt xem | 5 lượt tải | Ngày đăng: 08/11/2012
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I/Listen and match these half-sentences. (2 pts) 1. A farmer . . a. takes care of sick children 2. A doctor . . b. write for a newspaper 3. A journalist . . c. works on a farm 4. A teacher . . d. teaches in a school. II, Choose A, B or C for the blank. (2 pts) 1. Hello Nga, to meet you again. A, Hi B, Nice C, Bad 2. is a new clasmate. Her name is Hoa. A, It B, On C, This 3. She is Hue. A, from B, on C, for 4. I don’t have .friends in Hue. A, many B, lots C, lot 5. .you still miss your friends? A, Are B, Do C, Does 6. Lan is . than Hoa. A, taller B, tall C, tallest 7, . do you live? In Hien Luong. A, Who B, Where C, What 8. How . is it from your house to school? A, long B, far C, distance III. Give the correct tense of the verbs in the blank. (2 pts) 1. I am a doctor. I (work) in a hospital in the city. Everyday I (go) to work by bus. 2. Her mother (cook) .dinner now. 3. We (visit) .the city next week. IV. Give the correct form of the adjectives in the blanks. (2 pts) 1. Minh is the .student in our class. ( good ) 2. July is than August. ( hot ) 3. These bags are than those bags
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