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đề thi chọn hsg tiếng anh lớp 6- part 15

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II. Chän c©u tr¶ lêi ®óng 1 your teacher? Yes. she is very nice A. would you like B. Do you like C. Are you liking D. Would you want 2. Can I help you ? A. I like a bar of soap B. I'm liking a bar of soap C I'd like a bar of soap D. I'm wanting a bar of soap 3. .a drink? - Yes, please. Some coke, please A. Would you like B. Do you like C. Would you want D. Are you liking 4. Cats can . in the dark A. sea B. watch C. meet D. see 5. London is a . A. city very big B. big very city C. very big city D. city big very 6. Daisy works theBBC A. at B. in C. for D. on 7. They are staying a hotel by the sea A. at B. in c. for D. on 8. Are we going to have any .tomorrow? A. rains B. raining C. rain D. rainy 9. There's snow in his country in winter , so he often goes with his friends A. fishing B. swimming C. sailing D. skiing 10. What part of the country are you ? A. of B. from C. by D. on 11. What would you like todo at the weekend? A. I like to do a lot B. I'd like to do C. I can't do it D. I don't like the weekend 12. Where would you like to go for a holiday? - I'd like to go to Halong bay .of all A. much B. more C. most D. lots 13. " No turn right" is a . A. intersection B. traffic C. road D. road sign 14. There is a traffic at the A. intersection B. traffic C. road D. road sign 15. He usually goes to work the train A. in B. for C. by D. on III. H·y nèi c¸c tõ ë cét A víi c¸c gi¶i thÝch ë cét B A 1. many 2. landscape 3. bookstore 4. department store 5. ruin 6. invitation 7. ordinary 8. bench 9. beach 10. leisure B. a. a long chair b. free time c. a place near the sea d. usual e. asking some to come somewhere f. damage, destroy g. scenery h. a large shop divided into sections , each selling different types of goods i. a store selling books , stationary and gift items j. plentiful IV. §äc ®o¹n v¨n sau råi chän ®¸p ¸n ®óng cho mçi c©uhái Who are the best drivers ? Which drivers are the safest on the roads? According to a resent survey, young and inexperienced drivers are most likely to have an accident . Older drivers are more careful . Young men have the worst accident records of all . They often choose faster cars with bigger engines . One of the most interesting facts in the survey is that passengers have an effect on the drivers. When young male drivers have friends in the car, their driving becomes worse. When their wife or girlfriend is in the car , however , their driving is better . But opposite is true for women . Their driving is more dangerous when their husband or boyfriend is in the car 1. Who have the worst accident records of all? A. young men B. young women C. old men D. inexperienced men 2. Who drive more carefully? A. young men B. young women C. older people D. inexperienced men 3. Young men often choose . A. expensive cars B. fast cars with big engines C. slow car with big engines D. fast cars with small engines 4. When young men have the wife or the girlfriend in the car , they drive . A. worse B. better C. more dangerous D. faster 5. When their husband or boyfriend in the car, women's driving is A. worse B. better C. more dangerous D. faster V. §Æt c©u hái cho c¸c c©u tr¶ lêi sau 1. The supermarket is just across the road, behind the park 2. I need all these vegetables because I want to make a salad 3. She goes to the market every Thursday morning 4. They usually go to the market with their mother 5. I like chicken and bean VI. ViÕt l¹i nh÷ng c©u sau mµ nghÜa cña chóng kh«ng ®æi, dïng
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